Saturday, January 11, 2014

Calvin Chua Cheng Koon - River in his heart

Calvin works in watercolour, oil and acrylic too.

Calvin Chua Cheng Koon, or more popularly known as Calvin Chua, is a veteran in watercolour. Hailing from Kedah, this 53 year old artist is a graduate of the KLCA with a Diploma in Fine Art. He is as active in his works as he is in the Malaysian Watertercolour Society.

A winner of many awards locally and abroad, Calvin has also exhibited in countries including Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, Taipeh, and Japan. His River Series has found appeal locally and abroad too.

Children playing by the river.

The river is this artist's theme


AT said...

Hi there. May I know how can I get hold of this artist's works? Thanks!

ES Tung said...

Give me your contact