Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Khoo Cheang Jin paints the streetscenes

Khoo Cheang Jin hard at work and enjoying it. The 'cowboy' hat keeps the sun out.
Born on April 28, 1963, Khoo Cheang Jin is the current president of the Penang Water Colour Society. A familiar face in the streets on the island, Khoo, usually seen with his trademark 'cowboy' hat, can be spotted during the weekends painting the buildings or street scenes with his fellow painters and sketchers. This former Chung Ling High School boy and an architect by profession has exhibited extensively locally and abroad, particularly in Singapore, and has a wide following. He is also a member of various arts organisations locally and overseas, and his works has won many awards.
Chung Ling High, Cheang Jin's alma mater.

Cheang Jin with a completed painting of the building in the background.

Old Houses Lorong Argus (38x56cm)

Sekeping Victoria

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