Monday, October 21, 2013

Ismail Kadir paints on site

Ismail is seen doing a workshop demonstration for Universiti Malaysia Kelantan's undergrads
 at the  Lata Tembakah, Terengganu.
Born in 1952 in Kelantan, Ismail Kadir, is well known among the art circle, especially those who love plein aire watercolours. This gentleman paints almost exclusively in watercolours, preferring to do his pieces on site. His subjects are extensive but his love for rustic villages and rural scenery can be seen in the number of paintings he has produced on them.

With a wealth of experience tucked under his belt, Ismail has been taking part in art shows, almost annually, over the past decade, from Malaysia to the United Kingdom and China. His works are also collected in various galleries local and abroad, such as the National Visual Arts Gallery, Tokyo Art Gallery, Daiichi Modern Art Gallery  etc., as well as by dignitaries.

He is the only Malaysian artist who has been featured in the 2009 issue of the Watercolor Artist magazine.
Lata Tembakah, (56x76cm, 2009)
(Collection of National Visual Arts Gallery)
Padang Bual Village, Bachok, Kelantan,  (56x76cm 2013)
Paloh Village (56x76cm 2012)

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