Thursday, October 10, 2013

Brass Paint Boxes

If you have seen Alvaro Castagnet or Charles Reid's palette, you would have been captivated by the metallic paint boxes both used. They both use Craig Young's palette - a hardy brass-enamelled paint box with 20 compartments. The paintbox is small and fits very well in your palm. The only prohibition is the cost. At the moment of writing, Craig Young's Small Paintbox, which measures 5.5 in by 3.75in by 1in ” by 1” and weighs  12oz, is priced from US$460 (Over RM1,200). If you are interested, Craig's site is here 
Craig Young's Paintbox

There is also another maker, called the Little Brass Box Company. Similar to Craig Young's boxes, this company mails from the UK. Prices start from US$330 at writing time. If you want to check it out, visit its website here.
Little Brass Box Company's palette.

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