Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fishing Village 6 (9in by 11in, watercolour) - Sungai Besar
I revisited this place today, along the west coast of the country. This is in Sungai Besar, a Chinese fishing village. This is a typical coastal trawler owned by the fishermen in this area. I did purposely left out the registration numbers of the boats because if you have seen the Chinese owned fishing boats along the west coast o the country, you wil...
l know that they all look the same - even in colour scheme of red and blue. Here, I was trying to capture the feel of the morning. And yes, the water is brown - due to siltation from development upstream that is making the river bottom shallow. Soon, these fishermen may find trouble going out to sea. The house far back double are also fish landing bases that have now become seafood restaurants.
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