Thursday, February 04, 2010

Calling Young Artists

Are you a Malaysian artist aged between 18 to 40? A competition cum exhibition event is being organised by ArtGroup International, an web-based international artists network managed by Galeri Art Point.

The top 3 winners win a cash prize and a one-month artist-in-residence in a country outside Malaysia. ArtGroup International in collaboration with Clap & Tap (USA), Boxhill Community Art Center (Australia) and Art of Nature (Hongkong) provide sponsorship for the Artist-In- Residence Porgram.

Award/Exhibition is done online by a panel of International Judges. A webpage will be provided for online judging. The 500 selected best works for the semi-finalis will be published at official website at


sofeasz rose said...

Hi Tung,

Thanks for the infomations...Never forget Happy Chinese New Year!!!

God Bless U and family,..

Hidayah said...

Hi Swee,
I'm Hidayah and I am very keen to learn more about watercolour. I've been trying to improve my skills and yet the result is disappointing. I mean I love and enjoy the progress of painting with watercolour but I don't really know how to paint with watercolour. Would you suggest to me any place that I can go to learn more about watercolour?

Swee said...

There is plenty or there is none. If you are in Kuala Lumpur, you might be able to find some artists who might want to teach. Usually they dont. Best chance is to join a group. I would suggest u get some paint and start painting. There is no better way than to start today where watercolour is concerned. If you need more advice, feel free to contact me via email.