Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Study of Heads


I have not been painting a while. Produced these two over the past two weeks. It's pretty tough to get back on track once you have stopped painting a while. I didn't believe it when one artist told me this some time ago. I now realise the folly of not painting for so long.

These two are taken from photos on two diifferent papers. The colours used are burnt sienna, ultramarine, cadmium red, and cerulean. Dashes of cadmium yellow, burnt umber and indigo were also used.

Critics welcomed.


newlife malaysia said...

Still looks sharp to me.
A master piece art by a gifted one.


Swee said...

Thank You Alex.

timur said...

Good work la swee ... actually you do well in potrait too..

Hmmm, me also haven't been painting quite a while, dono how it will turn out when I pick up my brush again...