Wednesday, July 22, 2009


More AB Ibrahim works have surfaced it seems. This time from a reader of Malaysian watercolours in Reykjavik, Iceland. The owner has written to ask how he might sell these pieces and any of you who wish to find out more, please get in touch with me.

AB Ibrahim 1

AB Ibrahim 2

AB Ibrahim 3

AB Ibrahim 4

ED'S NOTE: Please note that the authenticity of these have not been determined.


Azlina said...

There are so many imitations of A.B Ibrahim's works in the market.
Very hard to differentiate because fakes have been around since 1970's. His works are easy to imitate because of its simplicity.

Better take extra care. To handle and inspect the paintings before buying is highly recommended.

Anonymous said...

How much could they be worth?

Anonymous said...

Honestly, AB Ibrahim is my uncle.
I'm so sad that some parties take advantage (people are greedy!!!)from his precious painting. My father is artist too and i know how hard to produce one painting.

Swee said...

Two anonymoous postings have claimed to be a nephew of AB Ibrahim. Although we have not ascertained the authencity of the claim, we wish the writer would not post under anonymous name and would give details so that if there is any future unsureness on AB Ibrahim's works, or any other artists' for that matter, a contact can be made to ascertain the authencity of the painting. As it stands, these works posted are for general knowledge of all site visitors. Fake or real, let hte discourse follow so that we will all be enlightened to the fakes and the authentic ones.

We will appreciate if any kin of any artist whose works appear here to comment and leave a contact for future reference. Thank you.