Friday, January 30, 2009

Another Abdullah Ariff Found

Similar to the artist's Monsoon Gust.

This writer has been again contacted by an owner of an Abdullah Ariff painted in 1956.

You can see all the wonderful brushstrokes of the great artist. Anyone can please tell me the price of this?

I think it is worth a fortune and the owner just might be interested to part if the price is right.

Just drop what you think it is worth in the comment box below. The owner will be checking this site for the suggested values.

Do not contact me - I do not own the painting. Do not ask for the owner's contact either because in the past, there had been many instances where people try to hoodwink them.

Unless the price is right, this owner's identity will remain a secret. Give your email if you wish to be contacted. Thank you.

Authentic? This is Ariff's signature on the painting - complete with his qualifications, FRSA.

Updated: According to the owner, this painting went for US20.00 at a flea mart couple of years ago. Now, wouldn't that shock artlovers in Malaysia. If it is authentic, not only was it a steal but it was probably a case of not knowing the value of this great artist! I am wondering if the National Art Gallery would be interested in acquiring such pieces for its collection. After all, it is the only body capable for authenticating our national art pieces and probably financially capable of making such acquisitions!

Updated (April 13):
The foreign owner of this work has written to say that the work has been purchased by a Malaysian. Thank God, this work has returned to Malaysia! This topic is thus closed.