Friday, November 28, 2008

Second Putrajaya Watercolour Competition

Rohaizad Shaari - "Merentas Gemilang" - 56 x 76cm, 2007

THE second Putrajaya watercolour competition results are out. Work by those who took part, winners and selected exhibitors, as well as members of the organiser, Malaysian Watercolour Organisation, under the able leadership of Dr Wong Seng-tong, will be on exhibit at the Annexe Gallery of Central Market in Kuala Lumpur from Saturday.

Pheh It Hao - "The City, Putrajaya - Peacefully Hidden" - 56 x 76cm, 2007

In case you do not know where the location is, it is on the top floor of the building at the back of Central Market. The launching is on Saturday and workers are working at feverish pace to complete the lighting and position the displays. You may pop by the gallery if you are in the vicinity and treat yourself to Malaysia's best in watercolour art.

In case you are not in town now, you might like to know that the show will only end on Dec 14, so there's plenty of time.

Opening hours are from 10am to 6pm.

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