Thursday, October 09, 2008

Looking for Outdoor Sketchers? Painters?

Wouldn't this be fun?

My last posting triggered various responses - mostly via emails to me. Thank you, the only commenter to use the post comment Amin Saim who, in his own right, is an accomplished sketcher. If you wish, you may visit his site here: MySketch and enjoy his unique pieces.

Among the responses I received via email are those enquiring about my location and where do I normally paint or sketch outdoors. Well, I am city-bound for geographical rhyme and reason. There are plenty of places which are my favourite ranging from busy street scenes to placid lakes and verdant gardens. Sketching and painting outings are limited by time and distance, with the coastal areas being my favourite. So, I hope this answers the questions two ladies from Johor baru have forwarded three days in between each other.

To writer Raj from Cheras, yes, I do go around my painting outings in the city. Normally these are what I do alone because no one would be crazy enough to go armed with a sketch pad and box of colours, sit under shade and start painting. I have not met any one crazy enough to join me, too, which is why the soliquy.

In any case, I am hoping to form a small group of amateur artists of similar interests in watercolour. If you are reading this and are interested, let me know. You may write to me or post your comments.


aminsaim said...

Sketching in Malaysia,
It s a little bit funny to sketch out door here for many reasons;
1. Curious people all around you will make you sweat
2. It pretty hot outside and the best time in the evening with a lots of shades and that is where the sun is burning

Azmi Murad Alias said...

hi Swee..
If you form any group of outdoor sketcher. please count me in..ok. I used to paint around KL (90's) when I was just started doing what I am doing now.Anyway the man whom you'd seen at the shopping complex was my brother. Thanks for the post and never short of surprising me (monkey shock!) :).

inice said...

hi swee,

Please keep this activity alive. Not many are still around. I came to know a solid pair of outdoor sketchers....the late mansor ghazali and the young faizal zainal. now faizal is alone!