Saturday, September 06, 2008

Dream come true for Rafie Rahman

Dream come true - Rafie with his yet-to-be-completed Trafalgar Square piece in acrylic.

Two years ago, Rafie Rahman confided in me that he wanted to one day visit England, the birth place of British watercolour. However, he almost got to realise his dream two years ago, when his painting was selected to be taken to the London during the Malaysia Week. However, he did not get to go there.

In July this year, his prayers were answered. He was among five Malaysian artists, watercolourists to be specific, to be invited to show their works at the Potters' Field in London between July and August. It was a trip Rafie had been waiting for and got to go.

When I met him recently, I could see the distinct change in his style. Dabbling still in the aqua medium - not watercolour but acrylic - he has produced several pieces of work of landscape when he was in UK.

As you can see in the picture here, he is happily showing his Trafalgar Square piece which he has yet to complete. The colours are stunning and although hardly considered a completed first stage, the shapes are beginning to show.

This is why I think artists should go abroad and expose themselves to a foreign land. All artists need that exposure to do well, or improve on their current techniques. Without that kind of exposure, and chance to visit foreign art galleries, artists will only be confined to the local influences where art experience is concerned.

Want this piece? Get in touch with Rafie for the pricing.


aminsaim said...

Dear swee,
Thank you for your website and introducing the malayisan watercolourist to the world and i truly belive malaysian artist are amongst the best in the world but lack of world introduction.

Swee said...

Thank you Amin. Glad you liked the site. Tell your friends.

aminsaim said...

sure do

Anonymous said...

dear swee,

good affort, keep it up bro!!!

rim Tahas @ biduan

inice said...

wonderful effort. i am new to art and already find it wonderful reading yours.