Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Drawing Lessons

Most beginners who want to paint tell me that they find difficulty in drawing. Some don't know where to start, others don't know where and when they should stop.

Although there are great books on drawing, as many as you can find on painting, the marvel of the internet age also affords us artists new areas of exploration.

One such site that I find most interesting is located here on learning how to draw.

Although the articles are a bit heavy on theory, read them with an open mind and you will be amazed on the many things about drawing that you may not have realised.


CS said...

I personally found it quite hard to learn to draw by reading books or texts.

Just one thing I would like to ask your good self is that where we could find drawing classes for adult in Malaysia. I am especially interested drawing in pencil or ink.

Swee said...

Dear CS

It is not easy to find good schools in Malaysia that teaches drawing, seriously. Most of those you see at Tuition Centres are merely for academic purposes. Short of attending college, doing the fine arts, there is practically unheard places where you can learn.

What I can propose is you start drawing - no matter how hard - immediately. Dont give up. Share your work. Let me post them here and see if we can get comments. If you are shy, send me digital pieces and if you dont mind, I can return your favour by listing some of my comments. Dont shy from critiques because that is the only way to learn. The important thing is to try drawing and have fun doing it. That's what art is all about.

Anonymous said...

Dear Swee,
I am totally agree that we can't find any good, fun and yet serious arts center in Malaysia. I am recruiting a real artist who is also have the passion in teaching to instill the value of art to our Malaysia's young generation. Not sure, if this is the right place for me to post this intend to recruit serious artist. Hoping that you may be able to give pointer.

Swee said...

Anonymous, I think you are not the first. I have seen many and attended several by artist friends. If you ask me, many of those organised in good intention end up the same way - interest wanes as time goes by. As for getting the young to appreciate art, perhaps even pursue it as a long term career, I wish you good luck. Not many parents see art as a vocation from their rose rimmed glasses...