Monday, May 05, 2008

Leisure Painter April - Drawing Children's Faces

One of the most interesting articles in April's edition (yes, we in Malaysia are a deprived lot, receiving the month's edition at month's end mostly!) is that by Juliette Dodd on painting children's faces - one of the most difficult subjects to draw.

In this issue, Dodd shows the way of how to proportion the face in seven steps. Not only are you taught to draw front profiles, but side as well, and these are requirements if you ever hope to draw portraits well and not doing Mickey Mice or Potato Heads!

Another interesting feature I find in this issue is David Bellamy's tips on making your watercolours sparkle. If you are wondering how Bellamy makes his subjects stand out via hilights, this issue will show you how. And oh, there is also an exciting version on keeping sketchbooks - everything all of us aspire to do but never quite get down to it.

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