Wednesday, May 28, 2008

In May's Leisure Painter

As usual, we in Malaysia get it late. The May edition arrive at the bookstores on May 24. But better late than never!

Okay, let's look at what this month's feature carry. As you can see from the above, there are plenty as usual to learn from across a wide variety of media. Watercolour still rules here.

If you have been following the last issue's back to basic, you should buy this month's edition because Brian Ryder continues with Part 2: Add Colour To Ink Drawings. Here Ryder shows how to use both water-soluble ink as well as non-water-soluble ones.

I especially liked the free strokes in this, as you can see from the last picture on a harbour - Binham, North Norfolk in pen and wash. If you want to know how to achieve looseness and spontaneity in pen and wash, check Ryder out.

Other interesting issues this month is the Lesson in the Landscape by Kari McGowan. Follow step-by-step how McGowan recreate a painting of Dartmoor, fast and loose in watercolour.

There is also a section on painting the face and one on how to draw tulips.

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