Tuesday, February 12, 2008

RM3,000 plus for Yong Mun Sen's Work?

I was surprised when I found out that this piece of Yong Mun Sen's work is priced at a remarkable USD1,200. What a bargain, don't you think? At the current coversion rate of RM3.30 to USD1.00, it works out to be about RM3, 960.

From the information I gathered, this piece was that of a Chinese Temple drawn in 1948. A signature imprint was also show.

I think Malaysian galleries, better still - the National Art Gallery, should make a purchase of it. It's our national trasure!

For those who don't know Yong Mun Sen, he was one of the pioneers of Malaysian art and among his famed peers was Abdullah Ariff.
Mun Sen's signature.


Percy or Gordon said...

hi there! where is the painting available from? it is, as you say, a steal at that price.

Swee said...

This website: