Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Abdullah Ariff Original Found!

Abdullah painted this in 1954 when he held his one-man shows in the US.

Recently a reader wrote to me to find out more about this painting and would like to have it appraised and possibly sold - at a fair price.

When I took a look of the painting, it turned out to be an Abdullah Ariff work. It was a painting of a riverine fisherman, with the usual signature colours used by the late artist.
This was one of the pieces the watercolour pioneer did when he held his one-man show at North Carolina, and alsO the Mint Museum of Art at Charlotte, New York, way back in 1954.
I am wondering if there are any party interested in the painting out there. I will put you in touch with the owner (he is from overseas) and you can deal direct with him. According to the current owner, the painting was almost gotten rid of once. So, if you are a collector of Abdullah Ariff's work, here's your chance to own it.

Straying a bit from the topic, I think the National Art Gallery should make an attempt to purchase this piece as it is one the remaining works of the great artist-watercolourist that are still around.

The painting has been framed and from the digital picture, seemed in good condition, too.

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The artist's signature.

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