Saturday, January 12, 2008

Taking Part In Competitions

I want to engage you in a discussion. If you are a professional artist, would you take part in a themed competition? Many of those I have spoken to said yes.

But would you paint to the theme? Some said yes, but quite a number said NO.


They said that to do so would not be sincere to their artistic calling. Themed competitions are for schoolchildren - not for artists.

Then again, I am perplexed. Now, if an artist cannot paint to a theme, where does creativity begin? Although painters purely paint what they see, artists have the artistic licence to interprete their own perception and come out what an art, thematic or not.

Let's hear from you if you have any ideas.


timur said...

yeah they should be able to... i'm not an artist but cosider myself more of a designer, every good design always has a theme and concept... good art also should have a concept and philosophy behind it, picasso for example, spent time on hundreds of sketches before finally put his ideas on paper... think about it, why bother to do all these if not trying to get your subject or ideas or "theme" as you may call it... to perfection?

Swee said...

Agreed. This discussion was prompted because a number of artists who took part in a competition did mention that they cannot paint to a theme. Shackled to the literal parameters, many found impossible to put their strokes to the best of their ability. I do think artists can and should try.
Your thoughtful interpretation of my prompting is noted with thanks.

martin said...

I think whether a theme or not we all paint to produce to our best ability to suit what is demanded if we are to accept to submit to the organiser's criterion,to my opinion at least.