Monday, January 21, 2008

Braving the stormy sea

This is a painting of a yacht crashing through walls of waves during a yachting competition.

I used the whites of the paper to depict the breakers crashing into the grey body of the vessel.

The rough sea is depicted in grey to set the mood of the moment.

Comments and critiques welcomed.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Clouds over the blue yonder

This piece was done very fast, very fluid, to capture the mood of the day. The sun was on top of the head. This scenery was taken by the sea, with some creepers seen in the middle ground. The sandy side of the beach is depicted very loosely with dips and crests done in blues, browns and purples. A fisherman's boat is partially visible.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Taking Part In Competitions

I want to engage you in a discussion. If you are a professional artist, would you take part in a themed competition? Many of those I have spoken to said yes.

But would you paint to the theme? Some said yes, but quite a number said NO.


They said that to do so would not be sincere to their artistic calling. Themed competitions are for schoolchildren - not for artists.

Then again, I am perplexed. Now, if an artist cannot paint to a theme, where does creativity begin? Although painters purely paint what they see, artists have the artistic licence to interprete their own perception and come out what an art, thematic or not.

Let's hear from you if you have any ideas.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Oils by Malaysian Watercolourists

Several Malaysian artists (among them watercolourists Maamor Jantan and Choh Kok Kheong) in Singapore this weekend at the Heng Artland gallery on Orchard Road for their exhibition Passion on Canvas. The exhibition, which is from Jan 5 to 16, will showcase works by Chan Chiow Teng (曾昭承), Tew Nai Tong (张耐冬), Choh Kok Kheong (周国强), Tan Thean Song (陈天送), Low Kong Wen (刘昆文) and Maamor Jantan (马莫占丹).

Maamor with one of his works to be exhibited there.