Friday, September 28, 2007

Sunday in Malacca

This is a painting of a shop in Malacca on a Sunday. Like most businesses, this one is also closed on Sunday. The lanterns you see have been there since the Chinese Lunar New Year early this year and have not been taken down yet. Gives this place a Chinatown-like feel.


Anonymous said...

This painting is gorgeous and pleasing to the eye. Although the subject is simple, the artist has depicted it in a sincere and heartfelt manner. This is one place to be revisited over and over again, and still there will be something new to marvel at.

Anonymous said...

I notice that your strength lies in painting boats. However, the shophouse has given me the opportunity to see that your talent stretches a little further afield.

I suggest you stick to boats, and spread your paints across those shophouses, too.

Why not put up some of your paintings for sale? This will help you buy more colour tubes and drawing paper.

As they say, now that you have learnt how to swim, you won't know how good you are until you start entering competitions.

In your case, make your first sale and see where it leads from there.

Lobsang Rampa

Swee said...

Thanks for the comments. Appreciate them. Will give some thoughts to your suggestions and thanks for visiting.

Anonymous said...
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Swee said...

Show me you can paint better and I will tell the world about it.