Friday, September 28, 2007

Sunday in Malacca

This is a painting of a shop in Malacca on a Sunday. Like most businesses, this one is also closed on Sunday. The lanterns you see have been there since the Chinese Lunar New Year early this year and have not been taken down yet. Gives this place a Chinatown-like feel.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Meet batik artist GM Choo

I stumbled upon Mr GM Choo from Johor at the Batik Craft Exhibition and Sale at the Conlay Crafts centre recently. Sale was slow, so Choo availed himself to painting some miniatures using batik colours, in the style of watercolour painting, on paper.

Here I feature Choo at work and one of the scenes he painted. This is of a kampung scene, reminiscent of those done by the pioneer artists such as AB Ibrahim and Yong Mun Sen.

Choo says that he does mostly acrylics and oil although I only saw his batik work on display for sale there.

His watercolour miniatures are also interesting and the slightly larger than postcard sized pieces painted that day were going for RM60 a piece, quite a bargain.