Sunday, August 19, 2007


This is my second piece on oil and probably my last. I am not painting oils any more. Not that it is not a good medium, I just find it pretty daunting trying to come up with a piece - although I must admit oil is much easier to control and any mistakes can be easily painted over.

In terms of technique, if you have a good eye for detail, I think you can paint well in oil. Almost any texture can be emulated using oil, and any colour-shade can be put on canvas, if only you understand colour mixing well.

This was inspired from memory of a seaside somewhere in the East Coast. Hope I have done this piece justice.


stubborncannons said...

Oh wow........ very pretty piece. I love the waves. <3 Nice work.

BoydGreeneArt said...

Beautiful painting and very well done. It is hard to believe you did it from memory just like painters used to do a long time ago (Hudson River School).

Swee said...

Thanks guys, I dont think I will do another one as I mentioned. Too much time and lots of patients needed. Spontaneity is certainly not possible if you have to wait ages for paint to dry first. I think I'll stick to watercolours for its convenience.

Heather said...

I love this oil painting, it has a more stylized feel, and rich texture. However, after seeing the control you have with watercolors, I can see where your true passion is.

Swee said...

Thanks... yes, I am a watercolours person.. I have been telling myself that unless I have controlled watercolour, I should not try oil. And with disastrous results as you can see.