Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Drawing Landscape in Pencil

This book's title is self explanatory. But the fact that it was a reprint of the original by Frank Rines made it special. I don;t know why anyone would want to reprint a book published twenty over years ago is quite mind boggling unless it is a very good book. And I found out that it indeed is.

Landscape Drawing in Pencil by Frank Rines is a must read if you want to find out how the old masters do it. The book starts off with the types of pencils to use and how you should handle each. Rines even teaches you how to sharpen the pencils and what strokes to use (see below) to create what texture that possibly best represents your subject matter.

From there on, there are pages and pages of drawings the artist did and you will learn from keen observation how he handle landscape - from trees to water, and quite a number of marine drawings as well.

If you are a beginning artist, I think you will need to draw well before you can even paint well. Well, this is the book you should check out.

Landscape Drawing in Pencil (Dover Books on Art Instruction) is available from Amazon.

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