Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Watercolour Artists Database Project

I intend to start a database for Malaysian watercolourists in the hope of promoting their work as well as gathering more information about their activities. Currently, I already have compiled over 50 artists whose pictures and works came from various sources. If you are a watercolourist, amateur or professional, and would like to be in this database, please write to me at

The function of this database is:

a) Promote Malaysian Watercolourists/Artists
b) Promote their Art Work
c) Allow galleries worldwide seeking their work to contact them.

To find out more or be included in this project, send me your CV and a photo of yourself. If you have a current work, include that too. Make your digital files in jpg format, about 400px size. If you already have a website, include that URL too.

Thank you.


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