Sunday, May 27, 2007

New Work by Maamor Jantan

Below are two recently completed work by artist Maamor Jantan - on in watercolour and another in oil. Both are for sale.

Pesona Bali 07 - Watercolour (2007, 75x53cm) Value: RM3,300

The Jazz - Oil on Canvas (2007, 81x63cm) Value: RM3,500 -
EDITOR'S NOTE: This painting has been SOLD

To Pura - Oil on Canvas (1997, 91x75cm) Value: RM5,200

To purchase, write to me or call his agent (012-601-7808 Alice Lee)

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Yully Sebayang said...

Sweatheart, sorry i didnt reply your comment in my painting's blog, i want to close that one, and move to the new one, same with my travel blog. Please visit my travel blog. Hey, your work is getting better and better. I like them all, you know that.... Talk to you again soon...
Keep up the good work