Friday, May 18, 2007

Bruynzeel Sketch Pencils - New Kids On The Block

I was browsing at the art store for sketching pencils when I was introduced to this at Nanyang (Kuala Lumpur). According to the proprietor, the pencils (from Holland) have just been introduced to the Malaysian market.

What makes them good is that, I was told, there are no air bubbles in the lead which gives you a consistent tone. That means when you are sketching, the lead doesn't break off in bits and pieces to give you a consistent shade - something sketchers value very much.

These pencils come in various hardness. I purchased 2B, 4B and 8B which sort of cover all the needs for sketchwork. The 2B for distant (low tonal value), 4B for mid-tones and the 8B for the high tones. I have tried them and I believe they are what the art shop chap said they were.

I hope to post some of my sketches here in the next few days.

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