Friday, April 20, 2007

Fishing Village - Latest Work

This piece was painted several days ago, in between coding the new site. I was somewhat surprised by the outcome. The colours used were exceptionally thin, and layered carefully. This one was done using W&N watercolours and I am pleased by the subdued result.

The picture is typical of a fishing village. The tiny structure between the two bigger houses is the chicken coop. The houses are built on stilts just in case the tide runs over. Comments welcome.

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TimurMaya said...

Swee, hmm.. I can see your style here... thin layers, subdued colours...but if i were to comment, I would prefer some strong colours in, highlights of certain subjects that would draw your eye to.

And I'm all for your efforts to expand this art online...I will start posting my watercolours once I'm certain of my style... congratulations..