Sunday, February 25, 2007

Chang Fee Ming - the Terengganu boy who made it big

YEAR 2000, SO WHAT? 1998-99 (56 x 76 cm) - One of Fee Ming's more famous works.

I met Chang Fee Ming several times in my quest for artistic knowledge and one of these was his show at the Petronas Gallery - of the Mekong series. Another was during one of the Class Art sessions at the same gallery back in 2002.

Not many artists have gone the distance Fee Ming has, whether in Malaysia or around the world. In fact, a lot can be attributed to him when we talk of Malaysian watercolours. His works have elevated that of Malaysian watercolours and the recognitions he received out there have inspired many to follow his path.
This self-taught artist in watercolour has shown how much determination and pure hard work can make a whole world of difference. His works, some of which are displayed at his site, gives an insight into the artist's perception of life itself, particularly the fabric of Malaysian society in his earlier works.

What makes Fee Ming special is his technique and often my friends who are non-artists mistaken his work for oil or even acrylic until I pointed out Fee Ming's works are purely in watercolours.

If you like Fee Ming's works, he has a gallery shop in Kuala Terengganu named Teratai, along Kampung China, the main thoroughfare of this coastal town. His prints in the form of postcards are available at the Petronas Gallery's art shoppe. So are some of Fee Ming's catalogue of his previous exhibitions.