Friday, December 29, 2006

Paint with Maamor

It was an enlightening Boxing Day, Dec 26. Former classmates of Mr Maamor Jantan's (picture) course at National Art Gallery (which is now closed for renovation) met up to have an outdoor painting session at the Jalan Conlay Craft Centre's Artists' Colony.

I won't show you what we drew but I will show you what the master drew. One of them is a picture I took of the scenery. The other, Maamor's characteristic piece - a sketch of course.

This painting was done under a pergola, looking out from the north side of the centre. It is a good place to paint and of many efforts the Government has done towards promoting arts, this is one of the best areas - quiet and inspiring. It's the least the government could do to help struggling artists.

Perhaps the Laman Seni which was stopped because the National Art Gallery is undergoing repairs can be held here. This is one perfect place and centrally easily accessible. Hopefully our Minister takes note of this aspect.

There are not many good places left for the arts, especially fine art. Just look at the photo and tell me you dont agree with me that this is one great place to paint to your heart's content.

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timur said...

yup...totally agree with you... wish to see and join more activities like this... this may be a good start for our group to continue brushing our skills... he.. he...