Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Meet Rafie Abdul Rahman - The Smiling Artist

I got to know En Rafie a year ago when I assisted him in putting up his stall at the monthly art bazaar - Laman Seni - at the National Art Gallery. I was attracted to his 'theoretically-correct' watercolours and we spent sometime discussing art, particularly watercolours.

His children having grown up, he now has more time on his hands to paint. He retired from his profession as a building supervisor several years ago, I was told. Today, he paints, exhibits and gives classes to children and adult.

En Rafie is a self-trained artist with lots of experience. From the old school, his works have been collected by renowned galleries. Apart from watercolours, he also does Chinese brush and oils. However, I find that his watercolour pieces are his best and remarkably vibrant. As you can see from this piece which he called 'Jungle Scene' which he painted while manning his stall at Putrajaya's Laman Seni recently.

The painting, according to him, was almost spoilt but despite it being a watercolour medium, his vast experience has managed to salvage it and turn it into an enviable work of art.

En Rafie also gives watercolour classes and if you like to be under his tutelage, let me know.

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ES said...

Thanks Ally, do you own the domain? Thanks for using the tagline that I created. Indeed he is a smiling artist.