Thursday, June 08, 2006

Portrait in Watercolour

One of the biggest problem in painting portraits in watercolour is getting the skin colour right. It took me quite a while to get this right and even so, I am not too happy with the skin tone. I did this is several layers, both for the highlights and shadows on the face as well as the hair.

Painted June 08, 2006


Anonymous said...

Your artworks are lousy. You're a talentless hack who should go by the way of the dodo and...
Oh, wait, that's another guy.
Leaps and bounds, man! I would be proud of you if I'm not so overcome by jealousy.
Keep pushing the envelope.
Will drop by your office before the year end.
Yum-seng, mate.

swee said...

Whoever you might be, thank you for the confidence.

coffee81 said...

Yeah...the most challenging part about painting potraits is the skin colour. Hard to master the art of detailing shadows. Need more polishing on this. Keep up the great work!


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