Saturday, June 24, 2006

Batu Caves on Thaipusam Day in Watercolour

If you have been to Batu Caves (the largest limestone cave complex in the region) during Thaipusam, a Hindu religious festival, and have gone up to the Cave Temple after climbing the 272 steps, you will recognise this scenery. This is the second level stairway to the Cave Temple. I painted this out of a photo, and lots of darks were used (mixed from blues, reds, and greens). The smoky atmosphere is not so well captured, I'm afraid. But I will paint one more, this time even bigger than this 30cm by 45cm piece.

Painted June 23, 2006.

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Diaadia said...

Hello swee!!!
Thanks vor you coment,
Beautiful watercolour drawings you make!!
I like very much: Nicht at village,
This hause in the darknes and this licht...
I don t no as you andersand my english...