Friday, May 05, 2006

No Fish Today

Life deals a tough hand for most fishermen, wherever they are.

The fishing boat is his life and his world. It is the only means he can make a living and feed his family.

In the months when the seas are not that generous, and the weather unkind, he has to remain land bound and pray for a better day.

If his boat is broken, and if it is beyond his skills to have it sea bound again, then life will be very tough. His only choice is to fish from ashore, sometimes ridiculously, by using his fishing rod.

This fisherman is in that dilemma. No fish today. With his fishing rod slung across his shoulders, he makes his way ashore, nary a fish in hand. How is he going to feed his family? Will tomorrow be kinder? These are the questions that race across his mind, as he takes a heavy step towards home.

This is the mood I have set for this painting. I don't know if you like it. If it speaks out to you, let me know. Let your friends know, too. And thanks for viewing.

Painted May 04, 2006.


Yully Sebayang said...

Hi Swee. Thanks for your comment. your paintings are fantastic, they are great. I am also learning, yes i do only oil. Never try with water. I heard water is more difficult. I am resident in Kemaman, they have a delicious 'stuffed crab'. I will write about Kemaman sometime. Hey, i did painted Terengganu beach, but i didnt take a picture of that one, it is now in my mother's house. Cheers

swee said...

Yully, Thanks for stopping by. Cheers