Monday, May 15, 2006

Enchanting Watercolours - Misty Morning By The Sea

I did not intend this scene to be like this, with an air of mystery hanging in the horizon. I wanted to paint a seaside house of a fisherman. The fisherman has gone to sea, only his dinghy remains behind. The flame of the forest are in full bloom, sparking a fine contrast with the casuarina trees that dot the lane in the horizon. The sea is calm and the air cold.

Sometimes when you start painting, you dont know what to expect. In wet-on-wet techniques, sometimes the result can be mystifying, nay, enchanting. That is what makes watercolour so exciting - so unpredictable and so damn challenging when mistakes are not kindly tolerated.

This is a peaceful scene by the sea, one I would like to build my house at when I retire!

Anyone wanna join me?


Kiri said...

lovely atmospheric watercolour

timur said... captures the mood, orange leaves create the interest..

swee said...

Thanks all. Glad you all like it.