Monday, April 17, 2006

Kelantan Traditional Fishing Boat

Did you know that the Kelantanese traditional fishing boats are the most colourful and they have the loveliest designs?

These fishing boats are painstakingly built from memory by skilled boatsmen who learn the trade from their forefathers.

During the monsoon months when the sea is too rough for them to go out, these fishermen cum boatmen spend their days working on the intricate patterns on the body of the boat, ie. the hull. Strips of colour, laid down in perfect harmony, one by one.

This is a very simplistic drawing of one such boat which can be seen in Kelantan, particularly Pantai Dasar Sabak. I drew this one using Pentel oil pastels and this is the first time I am using them, so excuse the roughness.

Drawn April 17, 2006.

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Anonymous said...

I like the structure of the boat. This pastel technique does look like watercolours. Congrats!