Saturday, March 25, 2006

Why watercolours?

I think of all, the most difficult to control is watercolours. It is a very unforgiving medium. Each stroke needs to be carefully thought of, each piece meticulously planned. One mistake means the end (usually) and the artist will have to start all over again. That means recapturing the inspiring moment, put it on paper and correctly this time.

I do watercolour because it is a fast drying medium. I don't have the patience to wait for the work to dry and prefer to complete each piece as time permits me to. Even with this speed, painting outdoors can be quite a challenge because in our tropical weather, the light changes quite fast and capturing the moment's mood and colours can be extremely challenging.

I have listed some of the interesting places on the web - sites of friends with whom I share my interest and who are artists in their own right. Check them out and join us. It is the only way to learn. And don't be fearful of making mistakes. In life, nothing comes easy. And when you make mistakes, chances are that it would have embarrassed you enough that you remember not to make it again.

That is how I see my learning curve grow each day - in life or in art. And that is the same advice I tell my children each time they face disappointment in the face of failure. Hope the same can inspire you daily.

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