Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Outdoor Painting - What do you take along?

One of the biggest problems - if you can see it as such - facing outdoor watercolourists is the use of water containers. Unlike painting in the comforts of a studio, you have to equip yourself with more things and carrying them can be quite a task.

When the bug bites me and I itch to go outdoors to paint, I usually bring along as few things as I can. The journey is made light and easy.

My pack includes one paintaing case, a foldable chair and a mini beach umbrella.

The painting case, as you can see in the picture (Top: showing the inside of the case; Bottom: the cover which is an easel itself). Within its small confines, I stuff my towel, a foldable water container, my brush, clotch pencil (fatter version of the mechanical pencil), putty eraser and painting palette containing paint, and small sized papers that I can squeeze into the case.

And if I need to do bigger paintings, I will capture the scenery of the moment using my digital camera which I can easily download and use it as reference material later.

What is your outdoor arsenal?

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