Saturday, March 25, 2006

Bagan Lalang II - Fisherman's Castle

This is a makeshift house by the Sepang Rivermouth in Bagan Lalang. The house is made of planks and discarded zinc sheets salvaged from construction sites.

This is a poor fisherman's abode, his castle of sort. It is in this rickety structure that his life and that of his family revolves as they hope for a better tomorrow. I am not wise with words but I have lived in such a house before.

If you observe carefully, the house was built under a tree. This may seem foolish but I think when the owner built this house, he planted the tree - a sea almond tree. Most fishermen mark the time they stay in a certain spot by using this simple method. Judging from the size of the tree, the house must have been there for more than five years.

This piece was done in Oct 2004.

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